Rooms configuration details

Voices Obscured in Complex Environmental Settings

Recording Room Configurations

Data for VOiCES was recorded in real rooms. The full corpus includes various rooms, each with unique acoustic profiles. Below are diagrams of room configurations, dimensions, and microphone placement for released data.

For all diagrams, the main loudspeaker (foreground speech) is shown at its 90 deg position, as the orange rectangle. Distractor speakers (replaying TV, music, or babble noise) are shown as the blue squares. Circles depict microphones: small light green circles are lapel microphones, large dark circles are studio microphones. Details on microphone ID numbers can be found in the README.


Room dimensions : 146’’ x 107’’ —


Room dimensions: 225’’ x 158 ‘’


Room-3 left:all sessions

Room dimensions: 25’ x 25’


Room-4 all sessions except with babble distractor

Room dimensions: 32’ x 16’ + 10’ x 10’